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Although it has resisted the inexorable passing of time, its presence as a species has survived to our days. However, dracaena draco was until recently considered an endemic tree of Madeira, the Canaries and Cape Verde, but having found wild populations in Morocco is truly encouraging, even though they are slightly different in their typical shape, like the beautiful tree rising as a challenge in Puerto de la Cruz maritime promenade.

There are various impressive dragon trees. Apparently, explorer and naturalist Humbolt developed an interest in the dragon tree in Franchy gardens ( La Orotrava) in the late eighteenth century. It was a big 25-meter high and 23-meter wide tree, although these measures have been questioned and a final agreement has not been reached in this respect, an issue that is rather difficult today.

Nowadays, the most famous dragon tree is located in Icod de los Vinos (Tenerife) being 17 meters high and 20 meters wide at the base, with an average weight of 150 tons, not counting the roots.

Some experts have stated that this dragon tree could last for over 5 000 years, but others consider this as an overstatement because they usually last from eight to ten centuries.


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